What Does Love Feel Like? Signs To Look Out For

What does love feel like
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Falling in love is a strange and lovely experience. It might be a really strange feeling for individuals who have never experienced it before. There is a lot of enthusiasm when you first start a relationship. Deeper sentiments begin to emerge as you grow to know one another. Really, what does love feel like?

What Does Love Feel Like?

The fact is that love is a peculiar and perplexing sensation.

It takes various people different amounts of time to fall in love. No two relationships are alike. However, when people fall in love, they frequently express specific thoughts and sentiments.

So what does love feel like? Look at the signs below:

1. It Makes You Feel Obligated To Make Them Happy

Wanting someone else’s happiness is okay, but only provided it doesn’t come at the expense of your own. You’re merely feeling more generous about what you can provide to your spouse to make them happy, rather than being selfless.

2. Love Makes You Want To Smile All The Time

When you initially feel like you’re falling in love, one thing is certain: you won’t be able to wipe that smile from your face.

Love causes the production of a variety of pleasant hormones, making you feel joyful and elated. So, a wide smile on your face, especially when you’re with the person or merely thinking about them, is normal.

3. It Gives You The Impression That You Can Rely On Someone

Love is also about friendship and trust. This is a fantastic indicator of love if you actually rely on the other person to be there for you through thick and thin.

To make matters even more complicated, love does not necessarily have to be profound and passionate. It might be a platonic affection. When you feel like you can rely on someone, you may still term it love.

4. Love Gives You A Floating Sensation

This is the same exhilaration and giddiness you felt the first time they took your hand in theirs. When you’re in love, though, it becomes a regular part of your day.

You constantly feel like you’re floating an inch above the earth, whether you’re with or without your lover. You walk with a spring in your step, a sparkle in your eyes, and the world feels a bit more alive and joyous all the time.

5. Being In Love Makes You Feel Vulnerable

Of course, not all of the sensations associated with being in love are pleasant. Love may make you feel quite vulnerable at times.

You place your faith in someone else. You rely on them to look after you, support you, and be there for you. When you understand how vulnerable you are, it may be incredibly frightening. This may be one of the reasons why some people resist falling in love and suppress their feelings. Everything boils down to a fear of being harmed.

6. Love Makes You Feel Like A Guardian To Them

You are always concerned about them. Because the world is a dangerous place, it’s natural to suspect that your spouse perished because they didn’t text back for a few hours.

Even when they do give regular updates, you can’t help but hope that they’ll be fine throughout the day. You somehow forget that they existed before meeting you and had their own life. You suddenly feel responsible for their safety and are always reminding them to look after themselves and keep safe.

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7. Love Makes You Feel As Though You Have A Secret

Love makes you feel as though you and the person you love have a particular secret that no one else knows about. When you’re in the throes of love, you can’t think anybody else understands what it’s like to be in love as well as you two.

8. You Have The Impression That You Can Entirely Trust Someone

Trust is a crucial aspect of love, and loving someone correctly entails entirely trusting them. When trust is shattered, it might be difficult to feel the same way again.

However, the rewards for being bold and allowing oneself to trust another person, opening up and being vulnerable, are enormous.

9. Feelings Of Connection

Love creates a tie and a connection with another person. If you are truly in love, you feel as if there is a particular link between the two of you that is unrivaled by any other bond.

10. Love Makes You Want To Keep Touching Someone

Of course, love is also physical. Not only does the sex seem intimate and unique, but you want to be near to them in your daily life – holding hands, embracing, and physical touch feels fantastic.

Of course, do not mix together love with sex. Love does not necessarily have to entail sex, but when it does, it frequently elevates the experience.

11. You Act As Though You Want To See That Person All The Time

When you’re in love, especially in the beginning, you want to see that person every minute of every day. This emotion may dissipate and become something more stable as love grows and evolves. But in the early stages of love, you just can’t get enough of each other.

It might be hard to be apart from them, but it can also provide you enormous satisfaction and excitement when you eventually see them approaching you. The joy of anticipating their presence is that when you eventually get to meet them in person, you feel tenfold happier.

12. It Feels Like You’ll Never Get Bored

You have the nicest discussions when you’re initially in love; you laugh, share tales and secrets, and discover you have a lot in common. You are enthralled by one another and believe you will never be bored.

13. Love Makes You Feel Safe

Love makes you feel warm, comfortable, and pleased with your station in life. That isn’t to say you won’t be afraid at times, like in your first fight, but there is a profound sense of knowing that you’ll be okay in the end.

14. Feelings Of Adventure

Love is a thrilling adventure. Love feels like you’re embarking on an incredible journey with no idea where it will take you. For some, the concept is horrifying, but for others, it is exciting.

15. Love Makes You Believe That Every Other Relationship You Had Was A Sham

When you fall in love with someone fresh, it feels different than previous relationships. It doesn’t mean you weren’t in love before, but your perspective on love and how you desire to be loved has evolved.

16. It Makes You Feel As If You’d Go To Any Length For That Individual

When we love someone, we often do things we don’t want to do or make sacrifices to keep them happy.

Giving and taking are essential. It is the essence of love. Remember to have an equitable connection in which you are not always giving and they are constantly taking. It should be a fair divide.

17. You Are Aware Of Their Faults Yet Do Not Care

Love isn’t about finding the perfect person or attempting to be the perfect person. When you’ve found real love, it doesn’t matter whether the other person has defects. You adore all of them. Their defects become a part of them.

18. Feelings Of Complete Honesty

Love and trust are inexorably connected. Although love partnerships are not always ideal, love should provide clarity. You should get the impression that you can talk to this individual about anything and get truthful answers. When it comes to love, there should be no games.

19. Love Makes You Feel Like The Luckiest Person On Earth

You’ll feel as if you’ve won the jackpot. You may even question whether it is too wonderful to be true. Love, especially real love, feels like winning the lottery.

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20. Feels Like A Support System

Nothing compares to the feeling of support that comes with love. You may have the support of friends, family, and even colleagues, but nothing compares to the love of a loving partner.

They want to see you succeed and be happy, and the motivation they provide is unparalleled. They are your number one supporter.

21. Feels Like Believing In Eternal Love

You’ve come to terms with the fact that they’ll always be there for you. Being in love provides you the assurance that your spouse will always be there for you, no matter where you are in the world.

It is amazing to know that you are loved and desired, and that someone else in the world cares about you and wants you the best.

22. You Have The Impression That You Are Accountable For Someone Else’s Heart

Now that you’re in love, you feel obligated to make someone else happy as well. By allowing yourself to love, you have agreed to look for that person’s well-being and emotions in any manner you can.

What Does True Love Feel Like?

True love is characterized by a strong, intense attachment to and concern for another person. It is frequently defined as profound, enduring and unconditional love. It is sometimes equated to a powerful, intense desire and is frequently characterized as a state of complete pleasure.

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