10 Signs Your Crush Likes You

signs your crush likes you
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Are you wondering if your crush has feelings for you? If you’re looking for signs your crush likes you, you’ve come to the right place. It can be difficult to know if someone is interested in you, so it’s important to pay attention to their behavior. In this post, we’ll explore 10 signs your crush likes you and how to tell if they’re interested. Read on to discover if your crush is secretly crushing on you too!

Signs Your Crush Likes You

1. They Frequently Start Conversations With You

One of the signs that your crush likes you is if they are the one who starts conversations with you. They might initiate a conversation in person, or reach out to you via text message or social media. They may also ask you about something that happened recently in your life, or just make small talk about whatever is on their mind.

This is a good sign that your crush is interested in getting to know you better and wants to stay in touch. If your crush initiates conversations with you often, this is a good indicator that they have feelings for you.

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2. They Ask You Personal Questions

When someone is interested in getting to know you better, they will ask you questions about yourself, your life, your hobbies, your interests and more. These questions could be anything from what your plans are for the weekend to what your dream job is.

This kind of question shows that they’re truly interested in getting to know you, which is a great sign of their interest. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know them better, too. So if your crush starts asking you more personal questions, it’s likely a sign that they like you and want to know more about you.

3. They Remember Things You Tell Them

When you’re talking to your crush, do they remember the small details of your conversations? Are they able to recall what you said last week or even yesterday? This could be a sign that they’re interested in you. If they’re listening closely and paying attention, it means they want to know more about you. It’s a good sign if your crush remembers things like your favorite color, type of music, or what kind of food you like.
Remembering small details is a way for them to show that they care about you and are genuinely interested in getting to know you better. If your crush is always referencing conversations or memories from the past, then it could be a sign that they like you!

4. They Text Or Call You Just To Chat

One of the clearest signs your crush likes you is when they start initiating conversation with you out of the blue. This can come in the form of a text or call just to chat and see how you’re doing.

If you’ve noticed that your crush reaches out regularly to check in with you and talk about random things, then it’s likely that they have a special interest in you and want to get to know you better. They don’t have to be flirty, but if they are putting effort into talking to you and engaging with you, it’s usually a good sign that they like you.

5. They Want To Know Your Schedule

Another sure sign your crush likes you is that they take an interest in your day-to-day activities. If they’re asking what your schedule looks like or what plans you have coming up, it could be a sign that they want to make sure they’re able to spend time with you.

They may be just making conversation, but if they’re asking more detailed questions and expressing an interest in your plans, it’s a pretty clear indication that they’re interested in you.

6. They Go Out Of Their Way To Do Things For You

This can be anything from getting you coffee or bringing you lunch to helping you with an errand or project. If they’re offering to do things for you, it’s a sign that they like you and want to make your life easier.

It’s also a sign that they respect you and want to help out. Pay attention to how often your crush offers to do things for you. If it’s frequent, chances are, they like you.

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7. They Make An Effort To Spend Time With You

If your crush is always trying to make plans with you, then this is a clear sign that they are interested in getting to know you better. They might try to invite you to do things together like going out for coffee or taking a walk in the park.

Even if it’s just for a few minutes, their commitment to spending time with you shows that they’re willing to invest in getting to know you better. It’s also possible that your crush will try to be in close proximity to you and see how you react. Keep an eye out for this, as it could be another sign that your crush likes you!

8. They Compliment You

An obvious sign that your crush likes you is if they are constantly giving you compliments. Compliments don’t always have to be about your physical appearance, either. If they start saying nice things about your personality or your abilities, then it could mean that they appreciate you and are interested in you as a person.

Pay attention to the kind of compliments they are giving you and think about what message they might be trying to send. It could be a sign that they’re more than just friends.

9. They Mirror Your Body Language

This means that if you shift positions or move your arms or legs, they’ll do the same. When people are attracted to one another, they subconsciously mirror each other’s body language.

It could be something as small as crossing your legs and then a few seconds later, your crush does the same. Pay attention to the small things – they could be the signs you’ve been waiting for!

10. They Get Jealous When You Talk To Other People

The most telling sign that your crush likes you is when they show signs of jealousy when you talk to other people.

This could look like an uncomfortable expression on their face when you talk to someone else, or it could be something as subtle as their body language changing or them interrupting conversations you have with other people. If your crush gets jealous when you’re talking to someone else, it’s likely that they like you and don’t want to see you talking to anyone else.

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